AP2’s ability to recruit new staff, retain them and contribute to their development is essential in achieving its long-term objective. Part of the Fund’s long-term strategy is to use its own resources to build up still more professional and cost-efficient portfolio management.

AP2’s culture is notable for encouraging personal responsibility and individuality within the broader framework of a strong team spirit and joint values.

The Fund aims to offer an attractive and stimulating work environment and sees continuously to offer employees opportunities for development, recruiting the right people and develop leadership.

Our values

AP2 is an employer with motivated and committed staff. Ethical behaviour is an important element of this culture and forms a natural part of the Fund’s values system.

The Fund has continued the process of building a robust culture and strengthening its joint values. The values on which this culture is built are the creation of long-term value, responsibility, respect and consistent improvement. This process is intended to clarify and promote consensus around the Fund’s values and to establish the principle that these values should provide guidance in the Fund’s day-to-day operations.


AP2 strives first and foremost to recruit from within the organization and to encourage internal mobility. In this way, specialist skills and expertise can better be utilized. For a number of years, the Fund has cooperated with the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, and Chalmers Institute of Technology, enabling them to offer students opportunities of temporary employment on specific projects, trainee positions and temporary employment during summer vacations.

When seeking new employees this is advertised under Job vacancies.


Exercise and good health are a crucial aspect of the Fund’s corporate culture, and all employees are therefore offered a fitness-activity subsidy and regular medical check-ups.


AP2 regularly publishes information about the Fund’s work, reports and vacancies on LinkedIn.

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Åsa Trouvé Raa
HR Manager
E-mail: asa.trouveraa@ap2.se