Andra AP-fonden’s sustainability strategy is based on the statutory mission and the Fund’s investment beliefs. The strategy also reflects the Fund’s vision and values.

The investment beliefs provide the outer framework for the Fund’s approach to sustainability in asset management. In addition, a number of more concrete sustainability principles have been adopted.

AP2’s six sustainability principles

  1. AP2 integrates sustainability in all investment processes.
  2. AP2 actively seeks for investments that contribute to sustainable development.
  3. AP2 works on the basis of the focus areas.
  4. AP2 uses dialogue as a tool.
  5. AP2 takes a scientific approach.
  6. AP2 seeks to be a leader within sustainability.

The sustainability strategy is based on these principles and its aim is to concretise activities aimed at reaching the overall goal of a sustainable strategic target portfolio, which is also in line with the Paris Agreement. The strategy also includes goals in order to analyse how the Fund’s sustainability work affects return and risk.