Eva Halvarsson appointed new CEO

Eva Halvarsson joins the Fund from a position as Head of the Division for State Enterprises at the Swedish Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications, where she has led the administration of the majority of state-owned companies since 2002. These companies have a current estimated market value of SEK 500 billion. As a member of the so-called Code Group, she has been involved in developing the Swedish Code of Conduct for Boards of Directors. She has earlier been investment manager for a number of Swedish state holdings, as well as holding a post at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Prior to this, she worked for several years within the Swedish Tax Authority. She is a graduate of Gothenburg University’s School of Economics.

“We are extremely satisfied and pleased to have been able to recruit Eva Halvarsson as the new CEO of the Second Swedish National Pension Fund,” says Board Chairman Gunnar Larsson. “She has unique experience in the administration of state-owned companies and knows what is required in combining the need for a competitive return on investment with the responsible administration of public assets. She stands for committed and dynamic leadership, as well as having a close association with Gothenburg.”

“Managing the pension assets of the Swedish people is a highly important and responsible assignment. I look forward with pleasure and a sense of true commitment to shouldering my new role as CEO of the Second Swedish National Pension Fund,” says Eva Halvarsson, commenting on her appointment. “It feels particularly stimulating to join an administrative organisation that has established such a professional and innovative reputation. Although I myself come from Vansbro, and have lived in Stockholm for many years, Gothenburg is still like a second home to me. It is where I both studied and worked for no less than thirteen years!”

Eva Halvarsson takes up her new position in February.

For further details, please contact Board Chairman Gunnar Larsson,
+46 (0)702 79 79 40 (cell) or Eva Halvarsson, +46 (0)703 41 97 32 (cell).