• WIN WIN Award – Winners 2024

    As a partner of the global WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can announce that the recipients of the WIN WIN Award and WIN WIN Youth Award 2024 on the theme “Inclusive transition” are Just Transition Center and Natur og Ungdom. WIN WIN Award The Just Transition Center (JTC) is an international center founded by […]

  • AP2 publishes a combined climate and nature report

    AP2 has released its first combined climate and nature report in accordance with the frameworks Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). The Fund has for several years published a climate report in accordance with TCFD. For 2023, the Fund has expanded the report by implementing reporting on […]

  • The Council on Ethics of the AP Funds sums up a year of active engagement in a new organisation

    The work of the Council on Ethics during 2023 has in large part focused on the new organisation with a new strategy, and intensive work with the selected focus areas. Of many important sustainability topics, five focus areas have been prioritised: Antimicrobial resistance, Child labour and forced labour, Climate, Big tech and human rights, and […]

  • AP2 invests further in sustainable infrastructure

    Andra AP-fonden (AP2) has had a sustainable infrastructure portfolio since 2020. Investments are to be made in infrastructure companies/platforms and funds whose business activities are related to sustainable growth in line with the Paris Agreement, and without compromising return expectations. Generation of renewable energy is to be the main investment focus, although the portfolio may […]

  • New members of AP2’s Board of Directors

    The government has appointed Torbjörn Dalin as a new member of AP2’s Board of Directors and from 1 August Ingrid Albinsson as Vice Chair. Members of the Board are thus: Jan Roxendal (Chair)Ingrid Albinsson (from 1 Aug 2023)Hanse RingströmTorbjörn DalinÅsa Erba-StenhammarAgneta WallmarkRikard AnderssonMikael Bohman

  • WIN WIN Award – winners 2023

    As a partner to the global sustainability award WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can now announce that the recipients of the 2023 award are Bellingcat and its founder Eliot Higgins (WIN WIN Award) and Abbie Richards (WIN WIN Youth Award). The theme this year is Fighting Disinformation. WIN WIN Award Bellingcat’s innovative techniques have […]

  • Jenny Gustafsson recruited as Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics

    Jenny Gustafsson has been appointed as the new Head of the AP Funds’ Council on Ethics. Jenny joins the Council from AMF and will lead the work of further strengthening the Council and contributing both to value creation in the income pension system and to more sustainable societies. The recruitment is part of the development […]

  • AP Funds’ Council on Ethics playing a key role in enabling good outcomes when the focus is on sustainability

    The AP Funds’ Council on Ethics had a highly active 2022, with more than 3,200 companies being screened for possible violations and incidents. One project that was successfully closed in 2022 centred on child labour in the cocoa sector. A further 16 new dialogues were initiated. In eight proactive projects the focus is on human […]

  • AP2 hosts the ICGN 2023 Stockholm Conference

    On March 7-8, AP2 will host the ICGN 2023 Stockholm Conference. Targeted sustainability reporting and global sustainability reporting standards are becoming more and more in demand. The conference will therefore bring together various regulators and important industry players to convey news and updates. Among different topics the conference will cover the unique characteristics of the […]

  • WIN WIN Award – winners 2022

    As a partner to the global sustainability award WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can now announce that the recipients of the 2022 award are Gårdsfisk (WIN WIN Award) and the researcher Sara Gutierrez Plata (WIN WIN Youth Award). WIN WIN Award Gårdsfisk conducts land-based fish farming with the vision of producing the world’s most […]

  • Andra AP-fonden continues to invest in the transition

    In the first months of the year, Andra AP-fonden (AP2) continued to invest in the climate transition through, among other things, green bonds and bioenergy. The Fund has also drawn up criteria for classifying forest as a climate investment. The United Nations meeting, Stockholm+50, is taking place this week. The meeting commemorates the 50th anniversary […]

  • New members of the Board of Directors of AP2

    The Government has appointed Mikael Bohman and Rikard Andersson as new members of the Board of Directors of AP2. Mikael Bohman has been CEO of Sparbanken Västra Mälardalen since 2005 and has extensive experience from various management positions and board work. Rikard Andersson has more than 20 years of experience in asset management, including as […]

  • Further increase in transparency in the Council’s dialogues

    The AP Funds’ Council on Ethics sums up a very active 2021and further increases transparency. The annual report presents a more transparent account of the impact dialogues and the milestones achieved. Eight proactive projects have been conducted to improve sustainability in difficult and vulnerable sectors and 85 reactive company dialogues have been conducted to enable […]

  • Paris Aligned Investment Initiative approved as a Race to Zero initiative

    In February 2021, AP2 signed IIGCC’s Paris Aligned Investment Initiative: Net Zero Asset Owners Commitment. IIGCC’s Paris Aligned Investments Initiative is now accredited by the UN Climate Convention as a Race to Zero initiative. This is a global campaign that mobilizes a coalition of leading net zero initiatives with the objective to build momentum around […]

  • AP2 has signed on to the Investor Agenda’s 2021

    AP2 has signed on to The Investor Agenda’s 2021 statement calling on all governments to increase their climate policy ambition by #COP26 in November. Read The Investor Agenda’s pressrelease.

  • Joint AP Funds company invests USD 400 million in Northvolt

    4 to 1 Investments KB, a company owned jointly by the Swedish National Pension (AP) Funds (AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4), is investing USD 400 million in Northvolt by participating in $2.75 billion private placement. Northvolt is planning for large-scale manufacture in Europe of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, and has entered into partnerships with Volkswagen, […]

  • WIN WIN Award – winner 2021

    As a proud partner of the global sustainability award WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can now announce that the recipient of the 2021 award is Jóhannes Stefánsson from Iceland. John is the whistleblower behind the unveiling of ‘Fishrot Files’, an extensive corruption scandal with roots in Iceland and Namibia. In 2016, Stefánsson left his […]

  • The Swedish National Pension Funds’ Council on Ethics’ collaboration produces results

    The Swedish National Pension Funds’ Council on Ethics’ Annual Report 2020:The Council on Ethics sees clear results from collaborating on impact processes. In 2020, the privacy issues of tech companies and impact on climate transition were high on the agenda. It is clear that collaboration is crucial for having an impact on important issues requiring […]

  • The Council on Ethics of the Swedish National AP-funds signals its expectations for tech giants on human rights

    The Council on Ethics of the Swedish National Pension Funds (AP-funds) has issued a new statement of its expectations of global tech companies on human rights. The expectations demand that tech giants reinforce measures to respect human rights and fully align their work with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights. Read the […]

  • Applying EU rules, Andra AP-fonden ceases investment in fossil fuel companies

    Andra AP-fonden (AP2) is one of northern Europe’s largest pension funds, managing assets of just over SEK 360 billion. Our mission is to ensure maximum benefits for the pension system – and to do so responsibly. We have now taken the next step as part of our commitment to sustainability. By divesting companies that derive […]

  • AP2 included in the PRI Leaders’ Group 2020

    AP2 is proud to have been appointed a member of the PRI Leaders´Group 2020 and to be recognized for the responsible investment work the Fund has done regarding this year´s theme, climate reporting. AP2 is one of 36 investors who receive the award and one of two from Sweden (AP2 and Swedfund). PRI Leaders´Group The […]

  • Winner of the WINWIN Gothenburg Award 2020

    Under the theme “biodiversity”, the 2020 WIN WIN Award is awarded to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Motivation of the jury:IPBES – The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services The biodiversity on earth is crucial to human survival. The need to raise the issue on the agenda for […]

  • AP2 participates in the Commission against modern slavery and human trafficking

    AP2 has participated in the Financial Sector Commission “Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST)” which last week, ahead of the UN General Assembly in New York, presented its final report – Unlocking Potential: A Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking. FAST aims to implement the Blueprint to help end modern slavery, human trafficking, […]

  • AP2 a leader in sustainability

    Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) has identified AP2 as one of the signatories in the 2019 Leaders’ Group. PRI has identified asset owners with leading practices of managing listed equity and/or private equity externally. AP2 qualified for both categories. Through Leaders’ Group, PRI wants to show good leadership and raise the standards of responsible investment amongst […]

  • Winner of 2019 WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award appointed

    The Frenchman Arash Derambarsch is the winner of 2019 Gothenburg Sustainability Award. Motivation of the jury:Arash Derambarsch’s ideas, initiative and effort to reduce food waste have resulted in a change in the law in France prohibiting French food stores and restaurants from discarding or destroying food that cannot be sold. The law requires them to […]

  • The Council on Ethics conducts a review of the standard for mine tailing dams

    The Church of England Pensions Board and the Council of Ethics of the Swedish National Pension Funds (the Council on Ethics) will represent investors through the industry organisation PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) in a joint initiative with ICMM (International Council on Mining & Metals) and the UN (UN Environment Program) with the aim of […]

  • The Council on Ethics of the Swedish National Pension Funds (AP Funds) recommends exclusion of Vale S.A

    The Brazilian mining company Vale S.A has within a short timeframe been involved in two major accidents where tailings dams in Minas Gerais in Brazil has collapsed, with multiple fatalities and extensive environmental devastation. The Council, together with other investors, has conducted an extensive dialogue with Vale after the first accident at Mariana in late […]

  • Climate report for 2018 in line with TCFD’s recommendations

    AP2 today publishes its second climate report in accordance with Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. With IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes) special report on the impact of a global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius, it has become even more evident that the transition needs to be fast and powerful. In 2018, […]

  • New Guide Helps Investors Close Climate Risk Blind Spot

    Leading investors publish guidance to help the sector step up efforts to act on climate risk through scenario analyses. TCFD recommendations highlights scenario analysis as a tool to identify climate-related risks and opportunities, and their potential financial implications. Dedicated investor-led guidance on scenario analysis published to help investors fill the ‘scenario gap’ and put TCFD […]

  • The winner of this year´s Gothenburg Sustainability Award is appointed

    Kalundborg Symbiosis is this year’s winner of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award. Motivation of the juryIn today’s modern world, we take many industrial products for granted. At the same time, the planet’s resources are limited. In order for us to maintain a high material standard of living, industry’s methods must become resource-efficient. An innovative […]

  • Winning Climate Strategies

    This week, Share Action/Asset Owner Dislosure Project published a best practice guide in which they interviewed 22 leading asset owners to see how they deal with opportunities and risks of climate change. In the guide AP2, which is one of the 22 interviewed asset owners, share how we work with the climate issue. Read the […]

  • Second AP Fund launches a new logo

    Second AP Fund has chosen to launch a new logo that clearly shows the name, is graphically more easy-to-use and modern.

  • AP2’s Sustainability Report is once again awarded at the RI Reporting Awards 2018

    AP2’s Sustainability Report has been nominated four years in a row for “Best Reporting by an Asset Owner, Large Funds” and for the second year, the Fund received the “Commended” award. AP2 Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report 2016. (PDF document, 1,7 MB)

  • AP2 invests in a social bond with focus on gender equality

    AP2 has invested in a social bond issued by the World Bank with a focus on gender equality issues. The purpose of the bond is to raise awareness on gender issues in general and empowerment of women and girls, thereby promoting economic growth, reducing poverty and creating the conditions for a more sustainable society. The […]

  • Anders Strömblad appointed chairman of PRI’s Private Equity Advisory Committee

    Anders Strömblad, Head of External Management at AP2, has been appointed chairman of PRI’s Private Equity Advisory Committee. The committee advises the PRI on the strategy and execution of the private equity programme. More information at PRI’s website.

  • Growing support for TCFD

    Andra AP-fonden (AP2) has together with 236 organizations publicly committed to support the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Read more here.

  • Climate Action 100+

    Andra AP-fonden (AP2) has signed the Climate Action 100+, a collaborative five-year global initiative. The initiative is linked to the Paris agreement and aims at getting companies to communicate how they intend to be in line with the Paris agreement and how they plan to reduce their carbon footprint, all in accordance with the TCFD […]

  • AP2 supports the TCFD recommendation

    AP2 is supportive of the recommendation on climate related disclosure from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released on June 29. AP2 is very positive towards the TCFD framework as it will increase corporate transparency and hopefully provide the information asset owners and asset managers need in order to assess both climate risks […]

  • Second AP Fund invests in social bond

    The Second AP fund has invested in a social bond issued by the Dutch bank NWB. The bond is the bank’s first social bond and is a so-called “Affordable Housing Bond”. The purpose of the bond is to raise awareness about the Dutch housing system and to finance lending to residential buildings and to provide […]

  • AP2 prized for its sustainability report at the RI Awards 2017

    The Second AP Fund was commended for best sustainability report at the RI Award for Innovation & Industry Leadership: Asset Owners in London June 6. AP2 Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report 2016

  • AP2 in the IIGCC Board

    Christina Olivecrona, Sustainability Analyst at AP2, has been elected to the Board at IIGCC (Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change) Annual Meeting. Press release

  • Global investor, including AP2, urge governments of the G7 and G20 nations to stand by their commitments to the Paris Agreement

    AP2, together with over 200 Global investors, (managing more than $15 Trillion in assets) urge G7 and G20 to stand by Paris Agreement and drive its swift implementation and to publicly express their commitment to support climate finance to both mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Long-term institutional investors representing more than USD […]

  • AP2’s Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report 2016 nominated in the RI Awards

    For the third year in a row the Second AP Fund’s Sustainability and Corporate Governance Report has been nominated in Responsible Investor Reporting Awards in the category Best RI Report by a Large Fund (AUM > €25 bn). The winner will be nominated in London on June 6. Link to the report.

  • AP2’s CEO elected to the PRI Board

    Eva Halvarsson, AP2’s Chief Executive Officer, has been elected to the board of the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) as one of two new asset owner positions. The assignment will extend over three years from January 1, 2017. “Already in 2006, AP2 signed to the PRI’s principles for responsible investment, and since then we […]

  • AP2 invites companies to explain their approach towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

    Through the AP2’s work with sustainability and the investments we do, we contribute in several ways to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In the annual report for 2015, we showed a few examples of such investments. AP2 has sent a letter to the Chairman of several Swedish listed companies urging them to explain its approach towards the UN’s […]

  • AP2 stands behind the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

    In September 2015, the United Nations 193 member countries adopted 17 global sustainable development goals. These goals, which are to be achieved by 2030, aims to eliminate poverty and create a sustainable world. To achieve these goals requires collaboration between governments, civil society and the business community. Through its sustainability work and the investments it […]

  • The Swedish National Pension (AP) Funds coordinate the way carbon footprints are reported for investment portfolios

    The Swedish AP Funds, the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh AP Funds, have agreed to coordinate the way carbon footprints are reported. The AP Funds will all report their carbon footprints with three indicators. All AP Funds have measured their individual carbon footprints for 2014. To increase transparency and the ability to assess […]