Shareholder commitment and interest in a company’s long-term development is a crucial requirement for better value growth. As a long-term investor, AP2 fulfils an important function on the world’s capital markets. Consequently, the Fund is actively engaged in promoting good corporate governance, high ethical standards and an enlightened environmental approach, as well as best practice within asset management.

In its contacts with publicly-quoted companies, AP2 is active in the run-up to and during Swedish and foreign AGMs, as well as engaging in dialogue with the boards and executive managements of its portfolio companies.

AP2 also promotes good corporate governance by collaborating with other investors on matters of principle and through active participation in the development of policies, regulations and standards.

General meeting report 2019 (PDF document, 474 kB)

General meeting report 2018  (PDF document, 128 kB)

General meeting report 2017  (PDF document, 676 kB)