Andra AP-fonden works in various ways to contribute to sustainable employees and minimise the environmental impact of its own operations. The Fund’s greatest direct environmental impact comes from premises and from business travel. Employees are the Fund’s most important asset. The Fund therefore works continuously on competence development, leadership training and creating a stimulating working environment.

AP2 has introduced its own environmental management system based on the City of Gothenburg’s Environmental Diploma. The system operates according to the same basic principle as the ISO 14001 and EMAS systems, but is better suited to smaller organisations. The Fund was first certified in January 2009 and has been re-certified annually since then. As from 31 December 2020, the City of Gothenburg ceased to be the issuer of the environmental diploma, and the Fund then chose to continue its internal environmental work. A special environmental group drives the Fund’s own environmental work and environmental training is provided continuously to all employees.

In 2022, three sustainability lunches with the theme of Sustainable Aquaculture were held for AP2’s employees. The theme was inspired by the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2022, for which the Fund is one of the partner companies.

An internal environmental review shows that the greatest environmental impact from AP2’s offices comes from electricity consumption and carbon emissions associated with travel. Internal targets have been set based on the Fund’s environmental policy. Among other things, 99 per cent of all business trips between Gothenburg and Stockholm are made by train. This environmental work is reported internally once a year. The Fund has created a digital platform that facilitates flexible working methods, which among other things has resulted in a reduction of the number of business trips.

Since 2015, AP2 has had a green lease agreement with the landlord Hufvudstaden. An annual action plan to reduce the environmental impact of the premises is drawn up. This is achieved by only using green electricity, and by taking measures to reduce energy consumption. The Fund’s office also practices sorting at source and composting of waste.

Sustainable employees – a smart investment

Thriving and sustainable employees in a stimulating working environment are of the utmost importance for the Fund’s activities to be conducted with high quality and good results. At AP2, this is achieved through the Fund’s culture, which is based on the values of long-term value creation, responsible, respect and continuous improvement. A flexible working method, where it is possible to work from the office or elsewhere, also helps employees to strike the right work-life balance.

We provide ongoing training within each employee’s area of expertise, including joint seminars and lectures in the fields of finance, sustainability and current research.

Good leadership also contributes to sustainable operations. Based on an accepted leadership model, managers must serve as role models and act in accordance with the Fund’s values. The aim is to develop employees and for the organisation to pursue a common goal.

AP2 encourages a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and works actively to create a high level of well-being. Exercise and good health are a vital aspect of the Fund’s corporate culture, and all employees are therefore offered a fitness activity allowance and regular medical check-ups. Health and lifestyle are also discussed at the yearly employee appraisals.

Internal environment indicators202220212020
Electricity, kWh79 00464 92880 000
Renewable electricity, %100100100
Copying paper, puchased (A4), kg90,500
Number of printouts20 47515 66631 000
Business travel  
Proportion of train journeys between
Göteborg and Stockholm, %
Greenhouse gas emissions from:  
Rail, domestic, tonnes of CO2e000
Air, domestic, tones of CO2e000
Air, abroad, tonnes of CO2e8002