AP2 has developed a framework for identifying the investments defined by the Fund as targeted sustainability investments. The Fund’s targeted sustainability investments must fulfil a number of criteria, which are linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The investments are evaluated on the basis of the framework of the Operating Principles for Impact Management and an investment impact is evaluated on the basis of the five dimensions of the Impact Management Project:

  • what the outcome contributes to
  • who experiences the outcome
  • how much impact can be demonstrated
  • the investment’s contribution to the impact
  • risks that the impact will be different than expected.

The Fund’s targeted sustainability investments include the following assets:

  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Swedish listed cleantech shares
  • Forests that meet eight sustainable forest investment criteria
  • Certain private equity funds that focus clearly on sustainability
  • Green and social bonds.

One of the objectives of the work is to develop clear follow-up and reporting of key ratios that show the impact of investments. These may include key figures that show the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that have been avoided or how much renewable energy has been generated. Prior to each investment, the expected impact is evaluated, while key figures are established to follow up over time after the investment has been made.


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