The winner of this year´s Gothenburg Sustainability Award is appointed

Kalundborg Symbiosis is this year’s winner of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award.

Motivation of the jury
In today’s modern world, we take many industrial products for granted. At the same time, the planet’s resources are limited. In order for us to maintain a high material standard of living, industry’s methods must become resource-efficient. An innovative way to get there is through industrial symbiosis.
Industrial symbiosis involves cooperation between different actors where waste or energy from one becomes a resource for the other. This recycles resources and saves energy while economically saving.

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WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is appointed in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland and several partner companies (e.g. AP2). The aim is to encourage continued improvement and acknowledge strategic work in sustainable development, both nationally and internationally. The prize has awarded since 2000 and the reward is 1 million SEK.