WIN WIN Award – winner 2021

As a proud partner of the global sustainability award WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can now announce that the recipient of the 2021 award is Jóhannes Stefánsson from Iceland.

John is the whistleblower behind the unveiling of ‘Fishrot Files’, an extensive corruption scandal with roots in Iceland and Namibia. In 2016, Stefánsson left his leading position for the Icelandic fishing company Samherji’s operations in Namibia, i protest against how the company improperly secured fishing quotas against economic replacement. He has been living under constant threat ever since. Jóhannes Stefánsson’s deed highlights the importance of individuals in the business community daring to take a stand. He has shown evidence on great courage and selflessness in the fight against abuse of power and corruption. The prize will be awarded on site in Gothenburg or digitally in ceremonial forms 21 October!

Corruption is one of the heaviest stumbling blocks for global sustainable development. It hits the most vulnerable most severely and negatively affect both society and the planet. Because feels it is extra important that the WIN WIN Award this year highlights both the problems in the tracks of corruption but also the good forces that fight against it!

Press release