WIN WIN Award – winners 2022

As a partner to the global sustainability award WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can now announce that the recipients of the 2022 award are Gårdsfisk (WIN WIN Award) and the researcher Sara Gutierrez Plata (WIN WIN Youth Award).


Gårdsfisk conducts land-based fish farming with the vision of producing the world’s most sustainable fish. By cultivating new species on land in recirculating systems, Gårdsfisk is a pioneer in the sustainable food system of the future.

WIN WIN Youth Award

Researcher Sara Gutierrez Plata practices sustainable aquaculture by restoring vulnerable coral reefs using the Caribbean king crab, which effectively frees the reefs from suffocating vegetation. Sara Gutierrez Plata exemplifies how sustainable aquaculture must also be considered – as a way to repair and mitigate the harmful effects that human behavior has on nature.

Food production in the world today accounts for just over a quarter of all greenhouse gases and is the primary cause of loss of biodiversity, deforestation and threatened fish stocks. Sustainable aquaculture is part of the solution to the food supply of the future. Therefore, it feels extra important that the WIN WIN Award this year highlights two different innovative aspects of sustainable aquaculture, both of which show the way forward.

The prize will be awarded at the WIN WIN Awards annual gala on October 21 in Gothenburg.

Winners 2022