As a partner to the global sustainability award WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, we can now announce that the recipients of the 2023 award are Bellingcat and its founder Eliot Higgins (WIN WIN Award) and Abbie Richards (WIN WIN Youth Award). The theme this year is Fighting Disinformation.


Bellingcat’s innovative techniques have spearheaded a new era of investigative journalism, resulting in the discovery of crucial information about pressing global issues. As an autonomous, international collective of journalists, researchers, and media analysts, Bellingcat employs open-source information, social media, and other publicly available resources to probe conflicts and crises across the globe. Notably, Bellingcat’s findings played a significant role in the Oscar-winning documentary on Aleksei Navalny.

WIN WIN Youth Award

Abbie Richards has created the interactive chart “The Conspiracy Chart”, which has become widely popular around the world and used by both academics and government agencies to communicate the complexity of conspiracy theories. Abbie Richards is praised for her ability to educate and engage a wide audience using humour, facts, and accessible graphic design, thereby contributing to a deeper understanding of some of today’s most complex social issues.

The prize will be awarded at the WIN WIN Awards annual gala on October 20 in Gothenburg.

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