Turbulent financial markets produced negative result

The Fund’s capital assets amounted to SEK 207.2 billion as per June 30th 2008, corresponding to a decline of SEK 20.3 billion since January 1st, including inflows. This meant that the Fund posted a return of -9.1 percent on its total portfolio for the first half of the year, excluding expenses. Return on assets less commission costs and operating expenses amounted to -9.2 percent. The net result for the period was -SEK 21.0 billion. The Fund’s portfolio of market-listed assets noted a relative return, excluding expenses, of -0.2 percent.

“It’s been a tough first half, which has been severely affected by concern over the state of the US financial market and its consequences,” says CEO Eva Halvarsson, Second Swedish National Pension Fund/AP2.

A Corporate Governance Report will be published separately in September.

For further details, please contact CEO Eva Halvarsson, Second Swedish National Pension Fund, or Carl Rosén, head of Corporate Governance & Communications, on +46 (0)31 704 29 00.