AP2’s sustainability work comprises the environment, ethics, social issues and corporate governance. The purpose of the Fund’s sustainability work is to create and protect values. As an asset manager, the Fund’s objective is to address a range of factors involving the environment, ethics, social issues and corporate governance, as they provide a better basis for analysis and investment decisions, as well as offering diversification. The Fund is also working to maintain a high level of trust and confidence by promoting a solid ethical and environmental approach, while also contributing to the development of sound practice in fund management issues.

The AP Funds’ mandate includes generating a high rate of return while maintaining a low level of risk. The investment strategy shall make provision for the impact on pension disbursements associated with outflows from the Funds. It is important that AP2 has the trust and confidence of the public and acts in a responsible manner. The AP Funds shall manage the fund assets in an exemplary manner through responsible investments and responsible ownership.

Both sustainability and responsible ownership are a high priority for the Fund. A proactive approach to the environment, ethics, social issues and corporate government are means to attain the goal of a high-adjusted return.

AP2 Corporate Governance Policy (PDF document, 249 kB)

AP2 Sustainability policy (PDF document, 191 kB)

AP2 Human Rights Policy Statement (PDF document, 136 kB)

Sustainability and Corporate Governance Reports